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An industry professional with a career in sales and distribution spanning nearly 40 years. Mr. Carver began as a salesman with TubeSales, a specialty tubing distributor and progressively moved through the ranks with several metals distributors eventually assuming the position of Regional General Manager. At the early stages of the Dot.com era he left the metals business and co-founded The SC Group, a privately held angel funding source focused on Internet start-ups. Shortly thereafter he was recruited to fill the newly developed position of Director of E-Business for SED, a publicly traded electronics distributor. In this role he established an in-house subsidiary, E-storeinc.com, that provided distribution services for the newly emerging E-tailer community. He was next recruited to join RVT Technologies, an Internet Security start-up as Director of Sales, and was eventually promoted to Chief Operating Officer. With the Dot.com crash Mr. Carver returned to his roots in the metals business and is currently serving as the Senior Vice President, Director of Global Sales for Tioga Pipe, Inc. Tioga supplies critical piping for the power generation and chemical processing industries and has recently supplied the Reactor Coolant Loops for the four Westinghouse AP-1000 nuclear reactors currently being installed in Georgia and South Carolina. During his time with SED Mr. Carver met and befriended Mr. Bell and served in an early mentoring role as A Unity Systems was being developed. Mr. Carver has served on the Board from its founding and continues to advise and counsel Mr. Bell.